Tom Cotton Already Too Beholden to Washington Special Interests

May 23, 2012


Cotton Already Too Beholden to Washington and Special Interests

(LITTLE ROCK) After pouring hundreds of thousands of Washington special interest dollars into his campaign, Washington GOP establishment candidate, Tom Cotton, emerged from the Republican primary beholden to an extreme right-wing Washington special interest group, big corporations and Wall Street bankers. Throughout his entire campaign, Cotton received over $300,000 in earmarked contributions from Washington based Club for Growth who is known for supporting “far-right candidates.”

Washington GOP establishment candidate Cotton, who left his “D.C.-area consulting job” to run for Congress, has taken a large majority of his contributions from outside of Arkansas including from Wall Street bankers, insurance companies, and big corporations.

“Washington GOP establishment candidate Tom Cotton already represents all that is wrong with Washington’s culture. In his first months as a congressional candidate, Cotton has relied on Washington special interest group known to support ‘far right candidates’ to bankroll his campaign account,” said Candace Martin of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. “Arkansas deserve a true Arkansans who is accountable to them and will fight for hardworking families across the district – not someone like Tom Cotton who is now beholden to Washington special interests, party leaders and Wall Street bankers.”


Cotton Received Over a Quarter of Contributions through Club for Growth. “Army reservist Tom Cotton appears poised to defeat 2010 nominee Beth Anne Rankin in Tuesday’s GOP House primary in Arkansas, a result that would give the fiscally conservative Club for Growth its favored candidate for the seat. The group has bundled nearly $300,000 in campaign contributions for Cotton, more than a quarter of the $1.1 million total he’s raised for the race.” [The Hill, 5/22/12]

Cotton had Backing from Club for Growth and Tea Party Express. “The battle for the House seat in Arkansas’s 4th district pits former Huckabee aid Beth Anne Rankin against Tom Cotton, a management consultant with financial backing from the Club for Growth and the endorsement of Tea Party Express […] An analysis of Federal Election Commission data through April 30 by the Center for Responsible Politics shows that 55% of Mr. Cotton’s contributions came from out of state, compared with 14% for Ms. Rankin.” [Wall Street Journal, 5/18/12]

GOP Establishment “Cringes” at Club for Growth for Support of “Far-Right Candidates.”“But many in the GOP establishment cringe at the Club for Growth’s attacks on party moderates, saying the approach is shortsighted and detrimental to the party because it can lead to far-right candidates winning primaries who then struggle in general elections. ‘Their tactics are very brash and overboard and turn off a lot of Republicans,’ said a GOP strategist, who, like many in the part, refuse to publicly criticize the group. ‘The [Republican] establishment just hates the Club for Growth. It’s more like the growth that won’t go away.’” [The Washington Times, 5/03/12]