It’s Time to Meet Tom Cotton and His Reckless Agenda for Arkansas

August 5, 2013



It’s Time To Meet Tom Cotton

And His Reckless Agenda for Arkansas

Tom Cotton works for his own interests and he has the record to prove it

Introducing the website:

LITTLE ROCK – In seven short months, Tom Cotton has shown nothing but blind ambition as Arkansas’s newest congressman. After just 213 days in office, he’s decided to abandon the citizens of the 4th District to pursue a higher office.


What has he done in those precious few days in office? Quite a bit. But none of it was good for Arkansas. He followed his blind ambition and own agenda, even alienating his fellow republicans while voting with Washington special interests instead of listening to Arkansas’s needs. Just look at his voting record. At you can learn about his reckless agenda and how it has endangered the future of Arkansas families and seniors, women and students.


He opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act, which calls for equal pay for equal work, and voted against both versions of the Violence Against Women Act. He opposed student loans that would keep higher education affordable and accessible to Arkansas students and families – the same student loans that afforded him his own education. And he voted against a comprehensive farm bill that was supported by every other member of the Arkansas delegation. He hasn’t voted against everything. He supports cutting Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher system that would cost our hard-working seniors more out-of-pocket.


“He has effectively left Arkansas students, families, women, workers, seniors and farmers behind as he followed his own blind ambition of higher office. We look forward to you getting to know Tom Cotton and his reckless agenda,” said Candace Martin, executive director of the Democratic Party of Arkansas.


To learn more about Tom Cotton’s growing reckless agenda and record, visit