We Have To Keep Fighting

The health care coverage of millions of Americans is on the line right now and we have the Republican Party to thank for this.

When Democrats accepted the challenge of overhauling our unsustainable health care system, we knew we had our work cut out for us. But we committed ourselves to creating a policy that would expand care to millions of Americans and prevent any further loss of life over lack of access to much needed medical care.

The Republican Party resented this effort from the start and spent the better part of a decade fundraising and campaigning around the promise to defeat our efforts by exacerbating every flaw of the Affordable Care Act that could’ve been addressed through policy changes. Rather than work with us, they chose to work against you.

Now that the Republicans have complete control of Congress and the White House, the time has come for them to make good on their promise to deliver something better. Unfortunately for all of us, it appears that they still have no plan at all — at least not one that’s going to negatively impact millions of Americans by depriving them of quality care that is proven to save lives.

The time has come to say enough to these shenanigans. Your health and wellness shouldn’t be at risk simply because a political party wishes to maintain power and control.

Work with us to replace the congressmen who will not stand up for what is in your best interest. We are here to fight for you and with you and will not rest until the Republican assault on your access to care is over.