To Solve Our Nation’s Health Care: Arkansas is the Model

“Arkansas has the lowest premiums for family policies of any state in the country.”

“Congress: Rethink it” by Mike Beebe and Mack McLarty

Last week in a guest column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, former Governor Mike Beebe and former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty penned a clarion mission statement to Congress that highlighted a proven path toward
bi-partisan solutions and better health care for all.

They did so by showcasing what we have done in Arkansas.

They held up empirical proof that both Republicans and Democrats can come together to provide more citizens health care coverage, while also ensuring more competition in the marketplace and holding the line on premium increases.

Because that is exactly what we did in Arkansas.

Since 2013, Arkansas has extended coverage to more than 300,000 through a Medicaid expansion program run by the private sector, had the second largest reduction in uninsured citizens in the country and today Arkansas has the lowest premium for family policies of any state in the country.

The path forward for America needs to look like Arkansas.  Leadership from both sides of the aisle must come together to fix what is wrong with our health care and not to hurt millions of families by abolishing current coverage.

We know it can be done.  We did it in Arkansas.

Michael John Gray

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Raised in Eastern Arkansas, Michael John Gray is a farmer currently serving in his second term as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives. Learn more.

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