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VIDEO: Hutchinson Admits He Leaves Working Families Behind, Says Taxes Already ‘Very Low’

July 24, 2014

Earlier this week, Congressman Hutchinson distilled his totally disconnected from Arkansas campaign into one thirty-eight second exchange where Asa fumbled and flailed answering the simple question, “Are you a member of the Farm Bureau?” That wasn’t the only exchange where Congressman Hutchinson revealed just how aloof and out-of-touch he is from working families in Arkansas. When […]

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Congressman Hutchinson “Blew It” At The DEA

July 18, 2014

Congressman Hutchinson “Blew It” At The DEA   Congressman Hutchinson has already shown he is more interested in scoring political points than proposing real solutions on crime.   When it comes to crime, Congressman Hutchinson’s record at the Drug Enforcement Administration is a serious problem for his credibility on the issue. In the words of […]

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