“I like the slogan we had back in 1992, ‘Putting People First’, because in the end, I always kept score by a simple measure: were ordinary people better off when I stopped than when I started?”
– President Bill Clinton

Please take a moment to get to know Arkansas Democrats from across the state, and make sure you connect with your local county committee.

101 South Market
Benton, AR 72015

Central Committee Officers

Chair: George Ellis (501) 315-1000

Vice-Chair: Judy Wimberly (501) 681-3243

2nd Vice Chair: Dustin Parsons (501) 326-1202

Secretary: Rudy McIntosh (501) 303-0986


Representatives to State Committee

Chris Baxter (501) 847-3445

Carl Frank (501) 860-0141

Rudy McIntosh (501) 778-8972

Barbara Nix (501) 778-9731

Dustin Parsons (501) 326-1202

Carolyn Towell (501) 860-2822


Central Committee Meetings

Date: 3rd Thursday of each month
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Chamber of Commerce building, Benton