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ICYMI: Ken Aden Completes 253-Mile Run for Hunger

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Ken Aden Completes 253-Mile Run for Hunger

Aden Rescues Woman in Vehicle Accident During Run


Democratic nominee for the Third Congressional District Ken Aden completed a 253-mile run through ten Arkansas counties to raise cans of food for local food shelters and raise awareness about hunger in Arkansas. While completing the run, Aden rescued a woman from an overturned vehicle after an auto accident.


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Aden responded to car crash victim

By Heather Sprinkle, Russellville Courier News


Ken Aden’s third day of his Run 4 Hunger II found him not only running in the rain during a flash flood warning in Boone County, it found him rescuing an accident victim from her overturned car.

Aden was running north on State Highway 7 a few miles from the Harrison border when he came upon a recent accident.



Aden crawled into the car and pulled Cantwell to safety. Cantwell suffered lacerations to her face, torso and arms.

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AR-03: Aden Begins Run To End Hunger

By Blue Arkansas


This weekend, AR-03 Democratic candidate Ken Aden began the second Run To End Hunger.  The run will carry Aden the entire length of the third district, from Russelville to the Missouri border and around down to Fort Smith.  Last I checked in, over 8,000 cans had been pledged to help out needy families if Ken completes the run, and as of the writing Ken is just leaving Jasper.


So let’s pitch in and help Ken in the fight against poverty and hunger in our state.  You can pledge to contribute cans here.  How many cans of green beans or soup do you have sitting in your pantry that you can spare?  Even if it’s just two or three, each can would be a blessing to a needy Arkansas family.



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ICYMI: Ken Aden Honored for Community Service by the White House


Ken Aden Honored for Community Service by the White House


Democratic nominee for 3rd Congressional District Ken Aden will be honored by the White House for his commitment to help Arkansas families as part of Cesar Chavez Day 2012.


The White House solicited nominations to honor those who exemplify Cesar Chavez’ core values, including service to others, knowledge, innovation, acceptance of all people, and respect for life and the environment.


Read news coverage below regarding Ken Aden’s public service work. For more information, contact the Ken Aden campaign at


AR-03: Aden to be honored for community service work at the White House


Now this is a real honor –


Democratic nominee, for the 3rd Congressional District Ken Aden has been invited to the White House in honor of his outstanding record of community service and his desire to help others across the state. In honor of Cesar Chavez Day 2012, the White House will honor community leaders who, like Cesar Chavez, have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others throughout their community and across the Nation. The Cesar Chavez Champions of Change will be honored at a ceremony at the White House on March 29, 2012. Ken Aden was recently nominated for the award.



It has everything to do with Ken Aden the man and all the good work he has done and tried to do for Arkansans.  His slogan is “People First” for a reason, because Ken has always tried to put people first.

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Running man fighting hunger with his feet

By Heather Sprinkle, Russellville Courier


Former Green Beret Ken Aden will run 253 miles in April to raise awareness about hunger in 10 Arkansas counties.

Aden joined the Arkansas Army National Guard in July 2000 and chose to make the military a full-time career in 2002. He is running as the democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress Third Congressional District seat.

In 2011, Aden collected 7,500 cans of food to donate to local food banks in Crittenden County when he ran 210 miles in the first Run 4 Hunger.

“I think we’ll raise three times that this year,” Aden said. “We already have 5,000 cans pledged, and I hope we can make this an annual event and increase involvement each year.”

Aden relocated to Russellville from Crittenden County in 2011 to help his sister with her business and married his wife in October 2011. He hopes to increase not just the awareness hunger in Arkansas, but also shed light on the numerous reasons for hunger.

Aden is especially passionate about helping veterans, the “working” poor and the elderly.

“Forty percent of homeless men are veterans who have fallen through the cracks,” Aden said. “PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a real problem and can have delayed affects. Also, returning veterans using the GI Bill for college usually wait five months before receiving benefits.”

Aden, raised by his grandparents, has a special affinity for retirees and the elderly living on fixed incomes.

“The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise,” Aden said. “We have retirees who have worked hard their entire lives depending on Social Security and Medicare, who are barely getting by. They’ve taken care of us, now it’s our turn to take care of them.”
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