Adrienne Kvello

Adrienne Kvello


Adrienne Kvello

Adrienne Kvello is a Northwest Arkansas native, attorney, small business owner, and mother of two daughters.

Adrienne was born in Springdale in 1978 to Tom and Cheryl Bramlett. Her father was a minister, and her mother was a stay at home mom.   Though their home was full of love, things were often tight financially, and her family struggled to pay bills and put food on the table.  Often her parents took whatever jobs were available to make ends meet--even working fast food in the evenings.  Her family served as a foster family, housing many children throughout the years.  Later in life, her father would start a home inspection business while her mother worked at the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club.

Adrienne attended Asbell Elementary, Ramay Junior High, and Fayetteville High School.  During high school, she was elected Attorney General of Arkansas Girls’ State and was selected as one of two Arkansas girls to attend Girls Nation in Washington, D.C. 

After high school, Adrienne attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., graduating Cum Laude in 2000 with a degree in psychology.   She then worked in the film industry in Los Angeles before moving to Texas to attend law school and marry her college sweetheart, Eric Kvello.  She worked as an appellate attorney and civil litigator before taking a position as an in-house attorney for a mortgage company.

In August 2014, Adrienne and her family were finally able to return to Fayetteville where she and Eric opened a home inspection business of their own and Adrienne continues to practice law, specializing in mortgage and real estate litigation.

In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys hiking, floating the Buffalo River, camping, boating on Beaver Lake, and reading.