Arkansas Democrats: GOP Tax Bill 'Fails Arkansas'

Arkansas Democrats: GOP Tax Bill 'Fails Arkansas'

Arkansas Democrats: GOP Tax Bill ‘Fails Arkansas’

LITTLE ROCK - The Democratic Party of Arkansas today released a statement highlighting the missteps of the GOP tax plan voted on in the United States House this afternoon. Pointing to hits taken by students, seniors, and families, Chairman Michael John Gray says the bill "fails Arkansans."
"Looking at the numbers, it's obvious this GOP tax bill is a scam to benefit the top 1% at the expense of hardworking folks across this country," Chairman Michael John Gray said. "When Republicans say this bill benefits the middle class, that's just a plain lie. Here in Arkansas, you're going to see the richest 1% receive 44% of the tax cuts and a good chunk of the middle-class actually see their taxes increase."
Among other controversies, the GOP tax bill is drawing harsh criticism for adding over $1.5 trillion to the debt over time, eliminating deductions for medical expenses and student loan interest, and slicing the mortgage interest deduction in half.
"This bill is vicious towards students, seniors, families -- pretty much anyone trying to live out the American Dream," Chairman Michael John Gray said. "80,000 college graduates here in Arkansas will pay $1,000 more per year under this plan. Seniors will find it harder to save for retirement or cover their medical bills. This is not to mention the hit families will take due to the mortgage interest deduction being cut in half. This GOP tax bill is a scam that fails Arkansans, and our Congressmen should have all voted 'No.'"


  1. James smith
    December 4, 2017 at 20:38

    I agree! Have been messaging Cotton all week anout not voting for this bill.

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